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Stock Selection Guide


Quick Analysis of a Stock

Kaush Meisheri, Ph.D., is a financial adviser with Prudential Securities in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and he is a director for the Capital Area Chapter of BetterInvesting (BI) in Lansing, Michigan. He developed a screening tool entitled the One Page Visual Analysis. This tool has been used by hundreds of active BI investors and is used to help one decide if a company has merit for further study. His original form “A One-Page Quick Analysis of a Stock” was published in the BetterInvesting Magazine in March 1998. BI investors have offered feedback about this worthwhile tool, and Dr. Meisheri has made some improvements.

He kept two guidelines in mind while redeveloping this analysis:

1. It should be quick. With some practice, this analysis should take no more than five minutes.

2. Value Line reports provide all the data necessary. This analysis does require some calculations, but they are minimal and should pose no problem to anyone used to analyzing stocks the BI way. The goal of this analysis is still the same: Identify profitable corporations with consistent records whose managements have demonstrated superior handling of their businesses and finances.

BI Members may read his complete article at: http://www.betterinvesting.org

This is a very good tool to use when beginning a Stock Selection Study in an Industry. It is a way to help a Stock Selection Committee find the best companies in an industry.