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Stock Selection Guide

How to Read a Value Line Report

The Value Line Investment Survey (VL) is a weekly financial publication that provides a comprehensive source of information pertaining to industries, companies and stocks. It consists of three parts: Ratings and Reports, Summary and Index, and Selection and Opinion. Ratings and Reports offers one-page reports on 1700 companies and more than 90 industries. VL analysts follow the companies, and each quarter the information is updated. Information provided in these one-page reports is useful in completing the Stock Selection Guide. For information on understanding these reports go to: http://valueline.com/Tools/How_To_Use_Value_Line_Pages.aspx for an abbreviated explanation of the reports.

Value Line provides a glossary page to look up terms used in the Value Line publication at http://www.valueline.com/Tools/glossary.aspx.

Value Line is available at most libraries. It can be found at Schlow Memorial Library at 100 E. Beaver Avenue, State College, PA, and at The Pattee Library on the third floor of the Paterno Library on the Penn State campus at University Park, PA.

Typically, Value Line is shelved at the information desk, which requires that you ask permission to review a copy. Although you canít check the publication out, you are permitted to photocopy any reports you may need for your research.